Walton Global Investments

Walton Global Investments Ltd. provides leadership and direction to all of the companies within the Walton Group of Companies. Led by an experienced group of executives, Walton Global Investments Ltd. is the driving force behind Walton.


Bill Doherty
Chief Executive Officer, Canada
Mark McKenna
President, Canada
John Plastiras
Executive Vice President, Real Estate, Canada
Clara Chong
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Canada
Matt Keister
Executive Vice President of Operations, United States
Wayne Souza
General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Law, United States
Steven Friedman
Executive Vice President, Finance and Tax, United States
Doug Donald
Senior Vice President, Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition, Canada
Fareed Amin
Senior Vice President, Public Policy, Ontario
Edward S. Steffelin
Executive Vice President, Capital Markets, United States

Walton International Group

Walton International Group researches, acquires, syndicates and services Walton’s medium to long-term real estate offerings to retail and institutional clients. This company has operations in the United States, Canada, Asia and Germany.


Tony Deegan
President, Canada
Kate Kaminiski
Chief Administrative Officer, Canada
Lothar Schmidt
Senior Vice President, Training & Development, Canada
Stanley Kung
Senior Vice President, Operations, Hong Kong
Gary Tom
President, Hong Kong
Felix Tang
Senior Vice President, Operations, Singapore
Todd Woodhead
President, Walton Securities Inc., United States
Gordon A. Price
Chief Compliance Officer, Walton Securities Inc., United States

Walton Capital Management

Walton Capital Management Inc. is a registered Exempt Market Dealer in all provinces of Canada and offers land-based real estate investments and corporate bonds promoted by Walton International Group Inc. and its affiliates.


Zvonko Michael Pavicic
President, Ultimate Designated Person and Chief Compliance Officer

Walton Development & Management

Craig Dickie
President, Canada
Mike Maier
Chief Financial Officer, Canada
Ed Fleming
President, East Region, United States
Ed Hadley
President, Walton Residential, USA
John Vick
President, West Region, United States
John Goodwin
Senior Vice President of Retail Development, United States